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What sort of art do you like seeing from me? (just curious as to why ya'll are checking out my art.... more specific comments are definitely welcome ;D ) 

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ok so ive gotten a few questions on how to go about using EmoFuri....
So i thought I would make a post giving you the tutorials and stuff that i found most helpful in getting this program to work!

and yes, its all in japanese
but no, you dont need to know how to read japanese, thanks to people making helpful tutorials

heres where you download the program

first off, you have to change your system local to japanese for it to install correctly
heres how to do that, and all the rest of the installation information
(heres a more thorough explanation of changing your locale if that doesnt work for you)

and heres a great tutorial on drawing your character and what you need to name the layers (layer names need to be in japanese)

next, save your file as a .psd file (regardless of what program you made it in!)

then open up emofuri
you will have to open up an existing .mmo file, which will come with the program, and should be uner the Templates folder (in the same place as the program). im not sure why you have to do this... but you do.
Then you can import your .psd file.... heres a video that kind of goes over what buttons to click for that..... its also a pretty good video outlining other stuff too:

when the import window pops will probably look a little crazy

sometimes parts are missing (if there is red text, that means it cant find the part), and heres an explanation on how to add your missing layers back in

then click the bottom left button to import it... you should see your character looking how you drew them with no missing parts or stuff cropped too short.
if something is cropped too short, close everything out and repeat your steps until you get back to the import window. Heres a decent explanation on what to do with resizing the boundary boxes
im not entirely sure how this is supposed to work, but if you click on the last 5 or 6 lines, you should see boundary boxes that you can move around. If you crop them pretty close to your image, that seems to help a lot with getting the right movements.

For seeing your character in action, emofuri has sample animations that your character can do. If you go back up and watch the rest of that video, he gives a good explanation on where to find these animations. its a good way to test and see if your character is moving the way you want them too.
And if you want to make your own animations instead of going with the samples heres how to do that

As for saving your file, that link also does a good job of explaining that as well.

just make sure if you are saving as a gif, you have no faster frame rate than 20ms.  
And I finally figured out that if you want to make short, smaller gifs (say, for putting on tumblr or something that cant handle huge file sizes) set it on 50ms, that worked fine for me, and the quality was still pretty good.

if you have any other questions, feel free to ask, but I have no idea if ill actually be able to help, as im still figuring this thing out too

I will say that ive gotten most of my info from here and here

Commissions and Trades

Commissions: OPEN!
for info: COMMISSIONS by AgentDax


Art Trades: OPEN! (possibly)



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Thanks a lot for the fave! :D
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your style is so amazing i love it *.*
AgentDax Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist
omg thanks so much <33
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wehe thank you for the watch, bro ;v;
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you are welcome!
i actually though i was already watching you but apparently not XP
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