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Tag 8 people you want to know better
I was tagged by jessoterick


Star Sign

Average hours of sleep
probably around 6 on average

Lucky Number
13 and 3 and 7... i like prime numbers

Last thing I Googled
uhh... C Schools for electronics technicians in the navy?

Favorite Fictional Character(s)
wow probably too many?? Gimli and Gandalf from lord of the rings, like... almost everyone from Dishonored, Portal (esp. cave johnson haha), Half Life, and Bioshock. Dr. McCoy from TOS star trek (ok i pretty much love everyone there too), Data and Geordi and Picard and Warf and O'Brien from Star trek next gen... like pretty much everyone from DS9 (esp. quark and odo). Han Solo, Obi wan, lando, leia from Star Wars (and like... really every one else and also all the new kids <3). And theres probably a million more that I cant think of right now, i have too many favorites!

What are you wearing rn?
brown tshirt and black sweat pants

When did you start this account?
13 years (holy shit)

Amount of Watchers

What do you post
all sorts of stuff?? but lately lots of fan art, and some original character stuff. sometimes i might even draw a background

Do you run anymore blogs?

Do you get a lot of comments?
i guess i get a decent amount?? i'd probably get more if i actually posted art here regularly hahaha

Why did you choose this username?
its the name of one of my oldest characters ;D
i tried to think of another name i liked but they were all taken, so ill just stick with this ;D

Now tag some people:
don't feel obligated to do this y'all, but you can if you want to
Cat-Bat  Disdainful-Loni  RipfangDragon  LifeofaPottedPlant Meiiwan Fedini 
 (ok im sure there are plenty more i just cant think of anyone else right now off the top of my head, so if you wanna do it, go for it!)

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Your works are fantastic! 
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